The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World

This always seemed more like a “wait till it’s on streaming” movie for me, but my dad was looking for an excuse to go into the city, so we saw this together. And I think it’s...fine? It’s fine. Good acting—Renate Reinsve has charisma to spare—mostly good writing (save for two or three mortifyingly on-the-nose “topical” scenes), intermittently funny and imaginative, and largely well-directed, with a handful of quietly lovely images. Plus a really nicely curated soundtrack. Never really something that managed to engage my emotions on a meaningful level: the whole final act, the film’s weakest by far in my opinion, felt so obvious and vacant (and long!) to me that I couldn’t greet it with anything more than a shrug. I don’t see it having a very long shelf life in my brain (I’m already forgetting a lot of it as I write this). But I can get why a lot of people find its evocation of mid-twenties rootlessness affecting: maybe I’ll feel the same once I’m on the other side of that odyssey. Till then, I’ll take Trier’s Thelma over this any day.

(Obliged to remark that the desires of contemporary straight women continue to elude me. When she dumped the hottest guy in the movie within the first three minutes, I knew something wasn’t going to click...)

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