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  • Ran
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • Love Exposure
  • Moonrise Kingdom

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  • Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets


  • The Antique

  • G.I. Samurai


  • The Visitor in the Eye


Recent reviews

  • Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets

    Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets

    Because I hate this movie, the uncle isn't dead, he's living in India. Lamest mystery ever. Like a mystery of no importance. A generational trauma resulting from the uncle being such a wuss that he doesn't even fight the "injustice" done to him, just screams as he leaves the school for the final time. A protagonist of limited acting ability whose character in the film seems like the least fun person in Japan to hang out with. This movie is not a nail-biter, but a watch-checker.

  • The Antique

    The Antique

    I had a hard time trying to put my finger on why I did not like this movie...at all. After a couple days of reflection, I think I know. The story makes absolutely no sense. The grandson of a guy who had an affair with a woman is maniacal in trying to get his hands on the copy of a book he gifted to the woman he porked, (whose grandson is helping protect the book). Maniacal to the point of…

Popular reviews

  • Cats in Park Avenue

    Cats in Park Avenue

    WTF did I just watch? The cats were cute though. This movie is from 1989, so all those cats are dead now. Happy viewing!

  • Liz and the Blue Bird

    Liz and the Blue Bird

    Naoko Yamada has perhaps created the most passive, submissive, meekest, weakest character in the history of cinema. I quickly found myself loathing the character of Mizore for her moping, her almost inaudible voice, her absolutely reactive way of dealing with the world. Answering a simple fucking question takes her 10 seconds to make a timid response. In real life nobody likes dealing with these type of people, and 90 minutes of watching a character never rising above being a docile…