Hereditary ★★★★★

It’s scary. Really, really terrifying! Now the caveat here is that I simply don’t enjoy horror movies. I even tend to avoid them. Sinister was the last horror I watched and that I found pretty damn scary. What has surprised me though is how much this movie polarises opinion. People seem to love it or hate it. What I take from that is this is a horror movie for people that don’t love horror movies. It’s incredibly creepy and resists the urge to let things go quiet and the. SUDDENLY RESORT TO LOUD MUSIC AND ACTION AND JUMP SCARES. It’s far more intelligent and creepy than that. Completely adult in its content and absolutely not for children, no matter how irresponsible a parent you are. If you are in the mood to be completely creeped out but in the most entertaining this movie...with the lights off...on a huge screen and finally, with the sound cranked up. Oof! 😱

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