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  • Suspiria
  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Female Trouble

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  • The Peacock King


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  • Too Beautiful to Die

    Too Beautiful to Die

    Dario Piana's Too Beautiful to Die is a stylish and lush 80s giallo that really hit all the right notes for me. I am a sucker for gialli set in the fashion world so this had that going for it right out the gates. Add a cool murder weapon, some stylish death scenes, and a cool mask/look for the killer and you got yourself a winner. I think i preferred this one over Nothing Underneath, but I will reserve that verdict till I rewatch said film.

  • Human Animals

    Human Animals

    Post Apocalyptic film where three survivors navigate their new existence. A brother and sister and one other guy. Definitely Adam and Eve vibes if you also added a plus 1. A dog they encounter leads them to a garden of eden of sorts where they take refuge, hunting and building a new place to live. Totally reliant on visual story telling since there is not really any dialogue, this was truly a unique and engaging film, that goes places I would not want to spoil. Boy does it go places.