The Passion of Joan of Arc ★★★★★

Film School Drop Outs Challenge 2018
Week 3: Movement - Scandinavian Silent Cinema in the 1920s

This is such a quiet movie, not only because it is a silent film, but it also has a very calm quiet way of story telling. Almost the entire story is told through faces and expressions. The camera angle also plays a very prominent role, being very close to the characters of the movie, as if you’re right there in the room as it’s audience, not just a spectator. The camera often looks up to the authority figures, making them more threatening, and down toward Jeanne making her look more humble and innocent. The close ups are brilliant, even during the execution scene, with a large crowd looking on, the story almost entirely exists out of close ups of faces, it is very powerful.

Though slow, the movie is never boring, the acting is fantastic, pulling you right into the story, it doesn’t matter that it is old, black and white and silent. The score fits the movie perfectly, enhancing the mood of ever scene.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, or if you believe Jeanne d'Arc was on a mission for God, this is a powerful strong story of history regardless.