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Missing Movies empowers filmmakers, distributors, archivists, and others to locate lost materials, clear rights, and advocate for policies and laws to make the full range of our cinema…


Cinematic Treasures Are Disappearing. That’s Where Missing Movies Comes In A consortium of film artists and professionals is working to save great films that have fallen into obscurity, one reel at a time. BY DONALD LIEBENSON JULY 11, 2022

The Heartbreak Kid, Elaine May’s classic anti-rom-com, turns 50 this year. But unlike The Godfather, also celebrating its golden anniversary, there are limited opportunities to see it. The Heartbreak Kid hasn’t been afforded a restoration, nor was it rereleased in theaters. It is not available to stream. Your best bet is to find a now out-of-print VHS or DVD edition of the film—currently going for $57 and $170, respectively, on Amazon.