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Missing Movie of the week! Written and directed by Sarah Kernochan, and co-produced by MM's Ira Deutchman it stars Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, Monica Keena, Heather Matarazzo and Rachael Leigh Cook in an ensemble cast as students of the fictional Miss Godard's Preparatory School for Girls, and Lynn Redgrave as the school's headmistress. The film takes place in 1963 and focuses on several students' plotting and sabotage of a proposed merger for the school to go coed. Axed by Miramax, it still remains an influential film. It's screening this Wednesday, August 23rd at the Metrograph in NYC! metrograph.com/film/?vista_film_id=9999003358

Missing Movie of the Week is Barry Levinson's "Original Diner Guys," a documentary he made in 1999 and exists on 35mm film, but never distributed. Does anyone know its whereabouts? www.aspentimes.com/news/catching-up-with-boogie-and-his-buddies-in-original-diner-guys/

Missing Movies title of the week! Director David Burton Homes says that it was a Columbia title and thinks the rights have reverted to MGM. Since then, the film has been in limbo. Any information would be appreciated!

Missing Movie of the Week! This tragically lost 1920 silent film is a fascinating one. The only film ever directed by the legendary actress Lillian Gish, featuring her fabulous sister Dorothy, and scripted by Lillian writing under the nom de plume Dorothy Elizabeth Carter. AND with intertitles by Dorothy Parker!!!

This week's Missing Movie is Marcus Reichert's UNION CITY! Starring Deborah Harry, "introducing" Pat Benatar, music by Chris Stein, and cinematography by Ed Lachman, it might be lost for a number of reasons. Available illegally with very poor copies on the internet, it deserves better. Let's hope it gets released soon!

Missing Movie of the Week! Countdown to Kusini was directed by Ossie Davis with Ruby Dee, Ossie, and Greg Morris. The film was produced by the Black sorority Delta Sigma Theta and licensed to Columbia (now Sony). We hope Sony will release this film soon! For more info, see stonecenter.unc.edu/whatever-happened-to-countdown-at-kusini/

Sometimes you come across a Missing Movie of the Week in your travels! This trippy poster was at the Ambler Theater. The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart is a 1970 MGM film featuring the film debut of Don Johnson, Holly Near in a secondary role, and a score by Michel Legrand!

This week's Missing Movie is TWO missing films! Following the amazing DONT LOOK BACK, D.A. Pennebaker followed Bob Dylan around in 1966 to create EAT THE DOCUMENT. The story goes that Dylan didn't like Pennebaker's cut and came up with his own version. Supposedly, both versions have been restored but Dylan retains the rights. There are bootleg versions out there with bad sound (not the best thing for a music film!) and in bad condition. Let's hope that one day both versions will be released!