Dunkirk ★★★★½

Okay, let me tell you about the worst movie experience ever... Here I was so fucking excited to watch Dunkirk in all of its IMAX 70mm glory. I was about halfway through and the movie cuts out causing a delay. One of the managers came in and started talking about how we can leave and get a refund. However, they also still wanted to show the movie to those that are going to stay, but since they were having problems with the film projector, they said--and I swear to God--this is what they said, "We're switching to digital." THEY WERE SWITCHING TO DIGITAL. I don't pay good money to watch a movie that has been meme'd to death about seeing it in 70mm, then be told that I'm gonna see it in DIGITAL. No sir, no ma'am. I was not having any of that bullshit. I started booing, the crowd started booing. My dad asked me if this was all part of the experience since I sold this movie to him, "Pa, Dunkirk is going to be an experience." The manager was apologizing profusely, telling the crowd that they were going to be handing out courtesy tickets at the end. Then the movie started again, and for some miracle, it was playing in 70mm. Not digital, SEVENTY MILLIMETER. There were hair pieces on the screen, I think the projector was dirty (unacceptable), but I didn't let that distract me anymore --nothing was gonna take this movie away from me.

So despite that. Despite my worst movie experience ever, Dunkirk unequivocally lives up to the hype. This isn't usually my genre, I'm not into war, not into chaos, I like my characters fleshed-out and at least with a name, etc etc. BUT I knew to head into this film with a clear mind devoid of expectations of linear narration and accessible viewing. With that said, this is absolutely one of the best films Christopher Nolan has put out. I think it's his most ambitious, his most experimental, very different from his usual stuff. If I let it settle a bit, I might even be lucky to say I saw Nolan's magnum opus in 70mm. IMAX.

Everything pays off in this film. The anxiety-inducing score from Hans Zimmer synced to the constant clock ticking, the suffocating sound design, the dogfight scenes, the breathtaking cinematography, the muted tones of war, the miserable emotional weight, the spectacle of it all--all of these things put together create such an awe-inspiring film. What a frantic ride! This is Nolan at his most thoughtful and everyone in his crew brought their A-game (yes, even Harry Styles).

I don't usually cry at the cinema, but I did here. You done did that to me, Christopher Nolan. I can't help but feel the same way here when I first listened to William Basinski's Disintegration Loops like I'm not fully sure what I experienced, but I felt something twitch in my heart.

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