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  • Gol Maal

    Gol Maal


    I have seen Golmaal a number of times & to me it is like Comfort food. It's that one movie that I can watch on a day gone bad & still have a good laugh. The more I analyze the film, the more I realize of Utpal Dutt's genius. As Bhavani Shankar of Urmila Traders he is flawless. Bhavani Shankar could very easily become a caricature but it's Utpal Dutt who humanizes him & makes him so likable. How often do we use…

  • Guide



    I have been revisiting Bollywood classics that as kid I never had the intelligence to comprehend. One such classic that I was glad to revisit was Vijay Anand's Guide. More than 50 years later & Guide still makes you uncomfortable & within that discomfort lies the beauty of this movie. The movie is so ahead of its time that even generations to come will relate to it. The guide played by Dev Anand (Raju) is released early from jail & that starting point…

  • Saala Khadoos

    Saala Khadoos


    I am generally not into Sports drama but I am glad I decided to watch Saala Khaddoos this weekend. The movie brilliantly shows the dynamics of a coach & a coachee who are temperamentally very similar. They say opposites attract & likes repel. Madhavan & Ritika Singh do attract & then repel each other but the fun lies in the journey & how they play off each other. Both are brilliant performers & within no time you are invested in them. While the focus is on…

  • Rangoon



    Rangoon was by a long stretch one of my favorite movies of 2017. On the whole, Rangoon works at so many levels. It's hard for me to pinpoint one thing about the movie. The music is brilliant and the characters including the side actors have been developed brilliantly. The theme of people falling in love in a war backdrop is pretty common however it is not  all about the love-story here unlike a Casablanca which makes it unique. And sometimes,…