Rangoon ★★★★

Rangoon was by a long stretch one of my favorite movies of 2017. On the whole, Rangoon works at so many levels. It's hard for me to pinpoint one thing about the movie. The music is brilliant and the characters including the side actors have been developed brilliantly. The theme of people falling in love in a war backdrop is pretty common however it is not  all about the love-story here unlike a Casablanca which makes it unique. And sometimes, I think that is also what worked against the film. The scene where Kangana dances to save her life is pure genius. So is the scene where Kangana becomes Miss Julia to save Shahid Kapoor. To Ranaut's credit she imbued the character so finely that it is impossible to imagine another actress as Julia. I am thankful to Vishal Bharadwaj for bringing to us the story of Fearless Nadia who in many ways was a feminist icon of that era in a movie that has been shot so beautifully & with characters that were so layered.