Rocketman ★★★★

I may not be all that familiar with Elton John, but I’m familiar with musicals. While the story gets a bit lost early on, Rocketman never loses its penchant for flare. 

There’s some Grade A performances in this. Taron Egarton, Richard Madden, and Jamie Bell all have wonderful chemistry, and it pays off in solid relationships that give this musical biopic a bit more weight to its shallow waters.

But, Rocketman’s aesthetic is its own star. I would expect nothing less from an Elton John musical, but everything looks utterly fantastic. Everything from the costumes to the dance numbers is popping and shiny, carrying its fair share of the story telling. When Rocketman says it’s a fantasy, they mean it, with musical numbers such as Honky Cat and Saturday Night fit for nothing less than a Broadway stage.  Every element is reminiscent of those big and bold musicals, from Kinky Boots to Chicago, to the point where it’s almost disappointing the film is not a live stage production.

A film might not be the best medium for this kind of musical, but it’s nevertheless a tongue wagging good time. And, I hope I get the chance to see the dream on stage sometime soon.

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