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  • Marshall



    this is the sort of movie that your high school history teacher shows you on a day when they don't have a lesson plan figured out or when it's near the end of the semester & everyone's checked the fuck out 

    meaning: it's fine. it does something significant enough that i don't hate josh gad every second he's onscreen??? but even more pressingly, it makes me ask why he needs to be onscreen at all. whyyy did we need a white…

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    if you enjoy breaking your own heart, try expecting that you will love something greatly & wholly, only then… to not… :~(

    i didn’t dislike it, but i expected to love it, and the fact that i didn’t just leaves me feeling sort of bummed. greta gerwig’s a gem. i dig the black & white. ahoy, sexy! is the only way i will greet people from now on.

    i think people exist on wavelengths — you know how there are some people…

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    not to be overdramatic or hyperbolic but everything i've ever written and everything i ever will write is an effort to get closer to being able to articulate the story of my heart of hearts, which inevitably will be about:

    *a mother/daughter relationship
    *it's gonna be a bildungsroman we already know this

    so what i'm trying to say is greta gerwig reached into my soul to give me everything i've ever wanted. thank you

  • In a Heartbeat

    In a Heartbeat


    y'all can spare 4 minutes to watch this here:

    you know how sometimes, if you're sad enough, it's as if you can feel your whole heart grow heavy in your chest cavity? like the ribs and sternum caging that tired muscle might really break?

    and you know how sometimes, when you've got a Crush-with-a-capital-C on someone, it kind of feels the same? you've got jitterbugs in your gut. you're flushed. the difference between elation & dread grows smaller with each…