Captain Marvel

this was so Hot i cannot believe brie larson is real.......... i'm not sure if i loved this as much as i did because my expectations were relatively low going in, but no matter because i had a blast and also was on the verge of tears at least five different times. it stumbles here and there—sometimes its pacing is a bit wonky, especially at the beginning; sometimes it congratulates itself on a joke before the punchline really lands—but it comes together in a triumphant, celebratory flash of color and light.

maybe what resonated with me so much is that Captain Marvel lets itself have little moments. not many, but enough: take Carol and Maria sitting at the table together. there's too much to say, too much time that's passed, an entire lifetime grieved, but what we get is just enough friendship and care to understand what has changed, and what has remained the same. namely it's love. namely it's love and loyalty, which are strengths against larger, impersonal systems of opposing power.

and you know what!!! it's FUN!!! put a cat in a movie and there's a great big chance i'm more inclined to like it. put a cat in a movie and name him goose and surely, surely, surely i'll come back singing its praise.

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