Great Expectations

well we gave this a good old college try

and by "college try" i mean i was supposed to be working on my essay about great expectations, but i said fuck it, and started to watch this instead, except i could barely make it through the first 10 minutes, and then i started skipping ahead in 10-15 minute increments, and no part of it ever really felt like it got its pacing or atmosphere right, and thus here we are: a movie halfass watched and no essay

there's at least half a dozen adaptations of this book but you best believe i've already started thinking about a new cast for yet another adaptation........

helena bonham carter felt like a good choice for Miss Havisham but... i think maybe she was missing the absolute blinding wickedness of Miss Havisham? maybe i'm just too fond of carter to really believe her to be as rapaciously cruel as i read Miss Havisham to be

holliday grainger seemed like she had a lot of potential to be a good estella but the pacing and delivery of her lines made me feel completely disengaged 0/10 would not recommend

idk who played young or old pip but that was BadBadNotGood

something about ralph fiennes in this made me think of christian bale and now i need nothing more in this life than to see christian bale play magwitch thank you amen

to be fair i only watched like... one full scene with joe and mrs. joe but... Absolutely Was Not a Fan

also trabb's boy is not featured in any film adaptation apparently and the only reason i justified watching this in the first place was that i thought maybe i could gleam some Inspiration for the goddamn scene i have to act out in front of my class tomorrow but nOooOoo

this may be the last film i ever log because i am probably going to die of public humiliation & dignity deflation but it was nice knowing you all :) in my honor please remake this for the umpteenth time but with christian bale as magwitch thanks :)