Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

when i was in middle school and high school, i was a total tool that misunderstood the song “going to georgia” by the mountain goats as being something romantic

i know now that song is not, in fact, a song about a healthy relationship. but i do think there is still something to be said about the line that begins, “the most remarkable thing about coming home to you is the feeling of being in motion again.”

Lady Bird makes me feel that way: like i’ve not only returned somewhere, but that i am dynamic, moving, speeding forward towards something brilliant & bright 

also this was the weirdest trip to the theater i’ve had. 

* my friend and i got carded. i’ll be 21 in less than a month. she’ll be 21 at the start of next year
* the barista said i looked familiar. i had never met him before. but then he asked me if i went to the high school that i did, and i said yes, and i still couldn’t place him anywhere in the hallways from my four years at art school. but then he said oh, i didn’t go there but i used to know a girl, she died last year... and i said oh. yes. that was natasha. and he said yeah, natasha. he remembered meeting me once through her - at a party? a concert? i legitimately can’t tell you when we met and i wouldn’t believe we had ever met before if he hadn’t known my high school and my friend. he then asked if i had a facebook so now i can say that someone’s used our mutual dead friend as a way to get my number
* AND THEN a literal child - i mean, a kid who was maybe 12 at most - came up to my friend and literally said, “i lost my number, can i get yours?” and after she said no he turned to me and was like, “what about you?” so a Literal Fetus tried to pick jane up & then i was his attempt at a consolation prize 

anywho. we love Lady Bird. the same cannot be said for the rest of humanity sometimes

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