Mary Queen of Scots

my biggest problem with Mary Queen of Scots is that there is no cohesiveness, no singular sense of style, tone, or pacing. it's almost as if there's something decent weighed down by an empty script... but there's so many little starts of so many different decent movies, i don't even know what could be found among the rubble. maybe there's something interesting here about historicity, about women who want the power of men, about men who have all the power, about women without men and children, about black bodies and asian bodies and nonconforming bodies populating what would expectedly be white and white only bodies........................ but ???????? i don't know how to recall it when it's so readily lost among strange editing choices, inconsistent color palettes, and why!!! why did y'all waste Richter's score like that!!!!!!!!

it's really a damn shame bc Ronan is impossible to look away from, and when she and Robbie go toe-to-toe, there's so much fire between them. but they're only together for ~10 minutes of the last ~20 minutes, and then the final 10 minutes cover fdshfkjsdf literally 25 YEARS!!!! what in the flying fuck the whole damn story was right there and we just . didn't get it oh my god

this gave me a headache narratively and it made my heart ache because i wanted it to be so much better

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