Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight

i drafted this review initially with some pseudo-apology, fronting with a disclaimer that i enjoyed it, despite it not being the sharpest or most innovative or boldest film.

but you know what???? i think i loved this as i did because it is soft, and kind, and fun at no one’s expense. it’s a Feel Good film and i Felt Good watching it. the fashion is absolutely insane; it is so beautiful and such a pleasure to just gawk at the craft and gaudiness. there’s one sequence of art stills—close-up shots of paintings and statues and exhibits—that made me genuinely marvel. the museum really is the setting, and the artwork merely set pieces, but the film pays so much reverence to the works, it doesn’t have to comment on them in a deep or provocative way.

this is friendship and loyalty and fun without needing to stake itself as otherwise. you know the part in Almost Famous, when William Miller defends Penny Lane, and he starts shouting, “and you know what? i LOVE her. I LOVE HER!”? that’s me at this film, and also the friends i saw it with. y’all are my coup.

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