Once ★★★★

y'all i have a midterm on wednesday but amanda mentioned this movie in the group chat and my dumbass was like SURE I WILL WATCH THIS AT 11 PM

but honestly........ i don't regret it at all. i liked this more than i expected to. i have a vague, warm memory of being in vegas with my parents & brother. my mother & father rented this and were watching it while grant and i dozed off. i think i was too young to appreciate it or get invested in it; all i remember is falling asleep early on in the movie during one of the songs.

a few years after that must've happened, i took a ballet class as one of my PE electives. one of our showcase dance routine was to a medley of these songs. it was weird hearing them in the context of this movie, because even though i don't remember the dance now, i still felt something every time i heard a part of a song that we performed to.

this film is so warm & loving. i think that's why i liked it more than i thought i would, because i didn't realize how comfortable this movie feels. it's the filmic equivalent of a serendipitously running into an old friend & catching up with them. you may not keep in regular contact with that friend, and you may never even see them again, but that chance & fleeting encounter was more than enough to be something special.

also....... the entire "Lies" sequence is one of the most beautiful montages i've ever seen in my life. i think i fell in love & then out of love in the span of less than five minutes.

god. what a charming movie. i may not know anything more about the sociological imagination or how lobbyists are equivalent to brokers or hierarchical social structures, but i do know that i really am glad i watched this tonight (this morning?? idk it's 1 am i need to go to bed)

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