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i haven’t peed during a movie in YEARS... i held my wine-bladder for as long as i could... and of course as soon as i go, i kmk


okay so... i started writing that review last night right after the film finished, when i was coming down from peak wine drunkness, but also still justifiably mad that i DID pee and i DID miss all of Zac Woods’s appearance in this. i was most excited TO see Woods, along with Carrie Coon and Bob Odenkirk. while i’m glad Odenkirk got a decent amount of screentime — at least comparatively — i fully believe that Coon was underused, and perhaps given some of the worst dialogue in this whole thing.

i just don’t know how this managed to be so goddamn dull. it’s a competent, well-made film, sure. but am i actually impressed it was made in six months? ehhhh. not really, not when it seems as though Spielberg could’ve put this together in his sleep. where is the magic? the sense of wonder, or justice, or fear, or that anything is at stake? i’ll admit that my own skepticism, borderline cynicism, with journalism and mass social media may hugely influence my disbelief that there is anything actually “won” here. but this also never really feels like Katharine Graham’s story, even though all of the cues suggesting it is her story of triumph are there. perhaps it is the bloated cast, that feels bloated without feeling intentionally overwhelming. maybe it’s the score, which is just... kind of there, being a good score, but not doing anything that reaches beyond the ears. i’d bank a lot of feeling underwhelmed by how expo-dumpy the dialogue is — of course i’ll never feel like there’s any suspense if every word out of the characters’ mouths indicate that they always know what’s going on, and they’re always going to tell me what’s going on, and frankly, it’s always going to work out in their favor.

it’s fine. it’s a completely Fine film. but i really wish The Shape of Water hadn’t been sold out, because i would’ve seen that for the third time, and my friend for the first time, 100 times over this.

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