The Young Girls of Rochefort

The Young Girls of Rochefort

i wish i weren’t such a hyperbolic person because then when i say that this is the most beautiful film i’ve ever seen, it’d have some significant weight.

i mean it, though. this is so beautiful it’s almost surreal. the ordinary, the fantastic, the theater, and the extraordinary explode into exuberant joy.

every goddamn scene could be stilled & framed... but we’d lose the music, we’d lose the dancing, we’d lose the rhythm of the camera. the joy of this film is a gift, a resurgence of life. i imagine if you could hold a dream, it’d look & feel something like this. the body is capable of so much beauty in dance, the mind is capable of so much craft in art, but the heart……. the heart can heal anything if you make something with enough love & tenderness.

the coloring! the costumes! the choreography!!!!!!!! THE GENE KELLY………

i’d literally die for Solange if my life were worth even half her ethereality...
and if basketball actually involved dancing, maybe i’d give an iota of a shit about sports… how beautiful

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