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  • Blue Velvet
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Out of the Blue
  • Times Square

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  • Malum


  • The Midnight Hour


  • The Sadness


  • Hurricane Bianca

Recent reviews

  • The Outwaters

    The Outwaters


    Man, sometimes I do not get the horror movie zeitgeist, as it were. So many people eviscerated this movie before I'd even had a chance to see it, and now that I have, I find it to be remarkably creative and very intense. My husband and I watched most of the last half with our mouths open. Yes, the method of filming could be taxing for someone who absolutely cannot tolerate the found footage format (I used to find myself…

  • Soft & Quiet

    Soft & Quiet


    Really good first half with some great tension and disturbing moments but the second half kind of starts to fall apart. Very grim and brutal but not graphic. As a whole I think it's a story that needs telling in this moment in time, that those friendly, lovely young upper-middle-class wives and mothers can be hiding some stunningly dark and depraved ideas and world views.

Popular reviews

  • Pyewacket



    It's probably a sign of something drastically wrong with my teen years that this movie reminded me so much of them.

  • In Search of Darkness

    In Search of Darkness


    This is a great, extensive documentary on 80's horror. I only wish they had gone into some of the lesser-known horror of the era; they stay pretty safe with what they feature even though they show posters for films like The Mutilator and Slime City, which no one talks about. Lin Shaye is mentioned but not featured and my biased self really wishes they had gotten her to sit down for this. But it's an undeniable accomplishment and so much fun it doesn't feel as long as it is.