Dreaming Purple Neon

Dreaming Purple Neon ★★½

A bizarre mashup of an incompetent crime film and a gory Satanic nightmare, this is probably Todd Sheets' most accomplished film. The Satanic scenes and the gore are all handled well (even if the gore is a bit chintzy), and there are lashings of full nudity, both male and female. The one poor guy who get a fist up his ass and intestines pulled out was a, um, highlight? The crime scenes with gangsters looking for their stolen guns and money was kind of a letdown; Sheets seems really out of his element in these sections. Crime/horror mashups have been done in the past and worked to varying degrees (The Cottage, Rites of Spring, From a House on Willow Street), but it's just sloppily done here and doesn't work. The scenes of almost Lovecraftian horror are much, much better, and Sheets is doing what he loves most here. There are some genuinely nightmarish images and I wish more time had been allotted for these scenes instead of the boring gangsters. But hey, this is a big improvement for Sheets and is weird and gory enough to be worth a watch if you know what you're getting before you go into it.

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