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  • Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Come Inside My Mind attempts to explore the highs and lows, ups and downs of Robin's career, his relationship issues and substance abuse and that need of approval and acceptance, which was something that was lacking in his childhood. In a series of never-heard-before interviews, Chicago-born Williams narrates the viewers through as he reflects back on the early years from his humble beginnings of San Francisco where he grew up to become a national TV star on Mork & Mindy through…

  • Battle Queen 2020

    Battle Queen 2020

    sci-fi actioner starring softcore porn actress, Julie Strain where she doesn't get to kill a lot of bad guys. it has a subplot that is out of Aliens with Strain's heroine character looking after some little girl, a bit like Ripley and Newt in that movie. Yet despite the poster, this movie is anything but exciting and action-packed. Rather it is a bore, at times melodramatic in this T&A filled Aliens wannabe Z-movie, minus the tension, thrills and the story…

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  • Hard Target

    Hard Target


    Hong Kong director John Woo made his mark back in his native country with hits such as The Killer and Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat back in the late 1980s. It wasn't long until he arrived in Hollywood that he unleashed his brand of Western-based high -octane violence and heavy-handed gunplay to the masses. 1993's Hard Target was Woo's U.S debut and his first film that starred predominantly Western-based actors. The character of Chance was originally going to be played…

  • Nowhere to Run

    Nowhere to Run


    I was actually looking forward to rewatching Nowhere To Run to see how it still fares today.... that was until I stumbled the upon the writing credits and I saw that none other Joe Eszterhas had partially penned this film alongside two other writers. After that, my level of enthusiasm for Nowhere To Run had dropped considerably.

    Nowhere to Run stars Jean-Claude Van Damme who is Sam, a convicted felon who flees from a scene and escapes from a bus.…