Rango ★★★★★

I love Rango. In the year that has transpired since I first saw it, the film has worked its way permanently into the deepest nooks of my heart. Why I love this film as I do is a bit hard to articulate. I think, perhaps, it has to do with my complete lack of expectation going into it. I had seen posters, and thought I might spend the next 90 minutes or so watching a sub-pixar romp that would be good, I suppose, and a frequent star of Children's Dentist offices for years to come. I was certainly not expecting the gritty, offbeat, metatextual picture I ended up ingesting. It caught me off guard, I suppose. Perhaps the film is less deep than it fancies itself, and perhaps the plot is a wee bit stock, but its insistence on being completely unlike most of its contemporaries is an achievement worth applauding.

Also, it is funny.