Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie ★★★★

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are some damned funny guys, so it goes. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are also the most grossly unfunny "comedians" working today.

So it goes.

If you've ever heard of them, besides perhaps an oblique name dropping by some college-aged kids wearing shirts that say things like "The Cure" and "Ironic Statement," then chances are you have made your mind up on them by now. You either love them or you hate them. If you like them, then good news! You will probably like this movie. Well, maybe you will.

It's tricky.

I have heard fans of "Awesome Show: Great Job!" express a distaste for Billion Dollar Movie, mainly because they were expecting something closer in tone to the show. To this, I say that the film is closer in tone to the show than if they had just compiled "the best of Steve Brule" and projected that on a screen for all to see. T&E AS: GJ works because it is a deft, almost contempt-filled parody of television as a medium, mainly in the 1990s home video aesthetic seen in places like Everything is Terrible Dot Com. The movie, while still having a scene or two in that TV-mocking spirit, mostly functions as a statement on modern comedy films. It hits on a few points commonly seen in such pictures, but not without full and apparent knowledge of its doing so. A get rich quick scheme is transparently fake from almost the moment we hear about it. A love story is told, with little input or effort from either party. A bond is formed between father and son, which is to say, a father and a stolen boy. The villains do little more but sit around, being menacing. And then at the end it just gets silly. It's all very good, and kept me laughing throughout, but if you don't go in with the right mindset, chances are good you will begin to hate life and yourself. Which is a perfectly fine thing to do.