Ad Astra ★★★

superbly directed, completely immersive and possibly Brad Pitt's most perfect role- but the actual content and themes felt a little out of whack with the tone of the film. Like the movie didn't know if it was an action space epic, or a Tarkovsky-ish psychological experience. This is the same little bug that tends to bother me in other films by Gray (We Own The Night comes to mind.) The reason I enjoyed Lost City of Z so much is precisely because its genre and content always matched the overall tone, and never felt like it was two movies trying to be smushed into one. Gray does action REALLY well, but I always get a sense in most of his movies that he actually wants to be making Terrence Malick movies. The problem is, those two styles don't really mix. And based on every action scene in this and the car chase scene in We Own The Night, I can’t help but think: stick to immersive action films.
But still, I wish every flawed movie could be this enjoyable. The pace was great and I was never bored. (But never truly moved either)

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