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  • Hostel: Part II

    Hostel: Part II


    I really don't know why this movie gets such harsh criticism from horror fans. It's a pretty fun flick. Roth does a decent job of continuing the story and tone from the first film, but he also keeps it original enough to keep it interesting. There are also some lighter/funny moments, and it's less gory/torture porny, so I would argue that it is probably more accessible for fans who were put off by the goriness/intensity of the first film. tldr; I liked it. 😊

  • Unfriended



    Interesting concept and executed pretty well. Didn't realize until the end that Jason Blum was an executive producer.

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  • The Descent

    The Descent


    My acrophobia and claustrophobia had a baby and named it The Descent. terrifying. If this movie had clowns, I may have died.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Bob Clark considered it more of a mystery/suspense film, but I regard it as the original stalker/slasher movie. So good.