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  • Hatchet



    This one was a lot of fun. Kinda campy and silly, but also very brutal and gory. Our movies for Shocktober have been pretty intense so far, so this was a nice moment of levity for us. :)

  • Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession

    Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession


    I was hung over from my birthday night out, and had a hankering for a good documentary. This is one of my go-tos. Such a fascinating and tragic story.

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  • The Descent

    The Descent


    My acrophobia and claustrophobia had a baby and named it The Descent. terrifying. If this movie had clowns, I may have died.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Bob Clark considered it more of a mystery/suspense film, but I regard it as the original stalker/slasher movie. So good.