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  • Attack of the Killer Refrigerator

    Attack of the Killer Refrigerator


    Great little shot on video gem. The droning synths in the background made the whole thing feel like some kind of nightmare. Classic amateur acting and really dug the effects here. To top it all off, The Cars make an appearance on the soundtrack. Highly recommended to all the SOV fiends out there.

  • Victoria



    What a fantastic flick that combines some of my favourite things - one takes, movies that take place during one night and hang out/slice of life movies. Some people may find the start slow, but the antics brought me back to a time when I was younger and reckless looking for that next adventure.

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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    At times Gallo can be annoying, basically a whiny incel man child but everything else about this I love. The low budget vibes, tap dancing scene, well basically every scene featuring Christina Ricci. Lots of raw emotion and beautiful shots tie this all together in a nice package.

  • The Iron Rose

    The Iron Rose

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Typical Jean, opening up on the beach he uses in all his movies. Does Jean own a hut on that beach, maybe a plot of land? I picture jolly ol’ Jean writing the script to this in his wood hut sipping on his unoaked Chardonnay and puffing on his mahogany pipe. He’s just sitting there, in the dark, rocking in his birch chair chuckling to himself and whispering how much of a genius he is, so arty! Movie is about…