• Attack of the Killer Refrigerator

    Attack of the Killer Refrigerator


    Great little shot on video gem. The droning synths in the background made the whole thing feel like some kind of nightmare. Classic amateur acting and really dug the effects here. To top it all off, The Cars make an appearance on the soundtrack. Highly recommended to all the SOV fiends out there.

  • Victoria



    What a fantastic flick that combines some of my favourite things - one takes, movies that take place during one night and hang out/slice of life movies. Some people may find the start slow, but the antics brought me back to a time when I was younger and reckless looking for that next adventure.

  • Bliss



    Does Joe open up all his movies with a cheesy warning text crawl? Hopefully his next movie will have one for the audience to cover their ears for all the atrocious dialogue they’ll have to endure. Had to pop some asprin for the pounding headache it gave me. The movie looks nice i’ll give it that.

  • Revenge



    Modern take on I Spit on Your Grave directed by a woman, Coralie Fargeat, and what a revenge flick she made! Excellent atmospheric cinematography throughout, gnarly gore scenes, fantastic synth score and some incredibly tense moments. I’m definitely seeking out anything Coralie makes in the future.

  • Sam Was Here

    Sam Was Here


    Guy with a mullet who has a giant stuffed teddy bear as a companion walking around a deserted town aimlessly. Sam also likes to keep harassing people with phone calls and voicemails. The Twilight Zone episode did it much better. Music slaps though

  • Final Stab

    Final Stab


    Decoteau must have knocked back a whole 24 of PBR before shooting this one. The camera literally kept swaying side to side the entire movie like they were filming on a Sleep Country water bed. First time a movie actually induced motion sickness, almost hacked up my entire blueberry pancake breakfast. Overall, lame early 2000s slasher with too many dudes. What happened to the days of Linnea and Brinke running around naked everywhere Decoteau?

  • Death House

    Death House


    I’m betting money that Harrison Smith took a trip to Monsterpalooza one year under the guise of getting his horror VHS collection signed by all of his favourite childhood z grade actors. Only Lil Harrisons real intentions when finally approaching their wobbly tables was to beg each of them to star in his dumpster fire horror film.

  • Deadcon



    Social media the movie. Caryn Waechter gets her first Apple Iphone, discovers twitch and wants to make a horror movie about it all. She tries to be hip by tossing in as much generation Z verbiage as possible. If you want to raise your blood pressure, toss this one on Netflix. Good music though

  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild


    As soon as Buck the CGI dog appeared on screen I was expecting to hear Rob Schneider's voice ring out of the mutts mouth. In retrospect, that actually would have been a slightly better movie than the one we actually got. Stick with Cujo.

  • Underwater



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What a cringe worthy movie. I’ll admit, there’s some nice looking shots but they almost feel like lucky mistakes. The director tosses you right into the action without getting to know these characters first. Am I supposed to feel anything when these characters die? Who wrote this script? The dialogue honestly sounds like it was written by a person who’s trying to relate to a younger generation. For example, at the end Kristen utters the words “Lets light this shit up” and then a shitty pop song plays the credits out. Not recommended

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    This movie actually raised my blood pressure. Right after the credits I chugged a bottle of advil to alleviate the pulsating headache it gave me. I guess i’m not a gamer only true gamers love this one. This movie is what I imagine a day dream of a gamer who never leaves their house to be like.

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    At times Gallo can be annoying, basically a whiny incel man child but everything else about this I love. The low budget vibes, tap dancing scene, well basically every scene featuring Christina Ricci. Lots of raw emotion and beautiful shots tie this all together in a nice package.