Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

I saw this trailer when I went to see X-Men: Apocalypse and then again when I went to see Ghostbusters. The trailer made me very optimistic. Before the trailer I thought that this was not worth seeing. I know, I should've learnt by now that trailers are always better than the actual movie: the movie itself shattered all my hopes towards this movie.

Writing in this movie is partially good. The idea of the script is good: let's give the bad guys a chance. Characters are deep, and it's easy to start liking them. They all have backstories, and some are explored. They give the characters something more than "LOL we are just bad and crazy". The only thing is I hate the Joker. While all the other characters were extremely interesting, Joker feels absolutely unnecessary. They could've left him out apart from the flashbacks.

But the writing is partially horrible. The dialogue seems kinda off. You see what's meant to be funny but it doesn't necessarily make you laugh. And it seems like this movie is trying to smooch off of Deadpool's success, considering he's an antihero, and he had that hilarious yet dark movie. If Suicide Squad wasn't trying to be like Deadpool meets Avengers except in DC universe, then their timing wasn't exactly the greatest.

But I don't want to start saying which one is better DC or Marvel. Both are good yet both suck. I'm just saying, the timing was bad.

When I watch a movie like this, I have high hopes for the action scenes, especially when technology is getting better and all that. In Suicide Squad, the action scenes are poorly executed. They are messy and it's hard to see what is going on and who is who. I mistook Boomerang for Rick Flag at one point and the dialogue was very confusing. Action scenes are allowed to be messy if they look interesting. These scenes were just shooting, and that's not exactly interesting to watch.

I loved most of the actors chosen for this movie. I love Will Smith, I love Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara, Jay Hernandez and Viola Davis (and of course Affleck, even if his role is small in Suicide Squad). Now I don't exactly like Cara Delevingne's acting skills, but still there's something much worse in the cast: Jared Leto. I've seen him in two movies before this, so I haven't seen that much acting from him but he is definitely not the right choice for Joker. He's just a disastrously bad copy of Heath Ledger. But the cast is amazingly diverse.

Visually this movie is amazing. It's very dark, like David Fincher's movies. That's effective, though sometimes you don't even see who is in the scene. The bright neon colours give a nice touch to the movie.

The best part of Suicide Squad is the soundtrack. Few of my favourites include Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, Fortunate Son by CCR, Bohemian Rhapsody, Spirit in the Sky, Seven Nation Army. I can't stand Eminem, but Without Me by him suited this film very well. All are amazing, but still, Bohemian Rhapsody was used better in the trailer - it's really hard to put in an actual scene, no matter how awesome that song is.

Suicide Squad has many amazing details, but as a whole it isn't great. The idea is good, but eventually the story is boring. It seems like the film is just destroying stuff, explosions and shooting and smooching off of amazing characters. The characters deserve better movies. I heard there might be a spin-off for Harley Quinn, that's amazing. But I want to see the others in their own movies as well, like Katana and Deadshot.