The Great Wall ★★★★½

Visually the Great Wall itself and the Nameless Order fighting to defend it was gorgeous to behold. The costume design is great; I really dug the armor and bright color-coordinated squads for the army. Each Commander was well cast as well as the General and Strategist. The creativity in the walls defensives was cool from the bungee jumping spear-women under Commander Lin Mae, to the fireball trebuchets, and the scissoring blades protruding from the wall itself. Matt Damon was enjoyable as a formidable archer, though his accent which faded in and out was a tad distracting. It was nice that his character arc was a result of his time spent with the Nameless Order, due mainly to Lin Mae. The humor between Damon and Pedro Pascal doesn’t always land, but it was forgivable amongst the spectacle of the movie. The monsters served well enough for this action blockbuster and Zhang Yimou directed a great fantasy film. A re-watch greatly improved my opinion of this outing of his. It won’t rival his Hero (2002) or Raise the Red Lantern (1991) in terms of story, but it doesn’t need to. I am still looking forward to Shadow (2018).

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