Boogie Nights ★★★★★

Boogie Nights was pretty high on my watchlist and the stuff i kept hearing about it were leaving me so hyped for this. And man, it still left my jaw on the floor. What a fucking brilliant movie.

PTA, you mad genius. 2 movies in and i already love the man. This is so well directed, it's honestly insane how this is his 2nd movie. The camerawork in this is some of the most impressive camerawork i've ever seen. I can't even state how brilliant it is. Static shots, unbroken shots, rotating shots, everything you can name. It's a feast for the eyes. Never expected to say this of a movie about porn.

The story is completely engaging and you feel the difficulties, the thrills, the tension this business can generate. Characters like these could be extremely unlikable or annoying but they're so fully written and well performed. And when shit gets dark, oh boy, it gets dark. The tension is through the roof when you least expect it. So many good things to list. Speaking of performances, everyone has their moment to shine. Such an amazing cast.

I'm at a loss for words. The utter brilliance of this movie is undescribable. I can't wait to check what more has PTA offer, cause this set the bar really high.