Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

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might be one of my more dramatic raises-in-estimation-on-rewatch situations in quite a while? the first time I was obviously taken with the technicality of it and DiCaprio & Pitt’s dynamic, but the whole thing felt lighter than air to me when all was said and done. rewatching, however, I was way more able to tune into the mixed mourning of a monoculture; everyone watches, listens to, and talks about the same things, but those things are stuffed to the brim with ads for soda, junk food, self-tanners and cigarettes (also, I must’ve used the bathroom during the montage of Los Angeles’ lights turning on at dusk during my first watch, a montage that feels pretty crucial to the whole). Pitt driving home and spending time in his trailer still might be my favorite 5-ish minutes of film this year, and it’s uncanny how setpieces that were the most tense on the first watch (Spahn Ranch and the break-in) are now really, really funny when you know where they’re going.

also the Bruce Lee scene still felt clunky as hell in the moment, BUT the really sweet little hand clasp and smile we see him give Sharon Tate at the end of her flashback of training with him for Wrecking Crew makes me more ready to embrace the “skewed memory” read of that scene’s tone (the killing of the wife still absolutely sticks out like a sore thumb tho).

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