Mitch De Castro

Mitch De Castro

product designer and aspiring farmer

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  • Overlord



    decent! stylish and good action. annoying lead character and sort of uneven tone. had they focused less on internal drama and more on just simple action/horror, this would have been really great. feels like it pulls on certain elements a little harder than it should.

  • The Monster

    The Monster


    meh, took itself too seriously. a bit on the nose with the underlying themes. the relationship between the two main characters is cute, i guess but the premise of literal versus figurative monsters makes this story feel so pretentious. like they tried too hard to come up with a “deep” reason for a monster flick.

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    well done! gripping and tense throughout. smart and avoids characters doing stupid stuff per the usual horror dynamics. subtle allusions to problematic, SV, white male, tech founder tropes which were great. worth the watch.

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    so this wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very compelling either. similar to “you’re next” in a lot of ways. moves pretty quickly and isn’t very long. violence in here is relatively moderate but it does feel like they’re just torturing the protagonist the whole way through. an easy watch for the most part and doesn’t drag much. the ending’s impact kinda suffers because of the pace.