Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Another case of style over substance from Tarantino. While the aesthetic is great, from the music to the fashion to the look of Hollywood, the film really falls flat in a lot of other aspects. Tarantino is a great director, that is without question. But dialogue aside, I am convinced he can’t write. I don’t find any of his characters compelling, and his stories almost always fall flat. He hasn’t had a great script from a story perspective since Pulp Fiction (Which makes sense because he worked with Roger Avery on that). This film suffers from the same thing his other recent films suffer from: they are way too unfocused and full of scenes that could be cut down, or cut entirely, and it would not harm the film. This film meanders its way to a finale that isn’t worth the 2.5 hours of buildup prior. While enjoyable at times, this is ultimately a disappointing showing from Tarantino.