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  • BlacKkKlansman



    BlacKkKlansman isn't perfect. There are a couple of very on-the-nose pieces of dialogue early on that feel like Spike Lee digging his elbow into the audience going "You get it?! Like Trump!", and some stuff towards the end that really derails things for a period of 10 minutes or so. The climax comes off extremely rushed, far too undercooked, and way overly convenient in a way that doesn't really reward the buildup over the course of the movie. Worst of…

  • Double Lover

    Double Lover


    As someone who is generally a fan of Ozon, this bargain bin ripoff of De Palma on one of his bad days is an absolute travesty that should be buried in a backyard and never seen again. Wasting two talented actors (particularly the extraordinary Jeremie Renier, who should sue Ozon for putting him through this and letting the world see this performance) on a lurid, trashy story that aims for shock value and only elicits groans and a putrid stench…

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  • The To Do List

    The To Do List


    My To Do List:

    01. Invent time travel.
    02. Go back in time.
    03. Stop myself from ever seeing this movie.

  • Mortdecai



    It's January so fuck it, right?