Ad Astra

Ad Astra ★★★★★

Had some trouble connecting with this emotionally on my first viewing in theaters but getting more in touch with who I am and the issues I face in the last few years has had me thinking about it often, feeling like a rewatch would really click for me now. That proved true and then some.

This was probably the most I’ve seen myself in a film in a while. The hopelessness, the isolation, the distancing from everyone and everything around him and inability to connect with life. The relationship with his father and failings in his marriage — all resonated in a way that I just wasn’t in touch with myself enough in 2019 to understand.

The voiceover that didn’t work for me the first time around felt essential now, taking us into that interior landscape of the character and making Pitt’s performance even stronger. Would love to imagine a future where I can reach the place he gets to in the end but it’s tough to see that light. Very glad I finally rewatched it. Totally see why it didn’t connect with me enough on the first viewing, but it feels made for me now the same way Two Lovers was when it first came out. Gray just gets me.

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