The Informers ½

Apparently in the '80s world of sex, drugs and rock n' roll every single person is a self-obsessed asshole who doesn't care a lick for anyone other than themselves. At least that's the impression given off by the pathetically obvious and uninteresting The Informers, and it's an impression that leaves a bad taste in your mouth from the start. Every character is so pathetic from the second you meet them, from a news reporter to a rock star to a hotel bell boy.

One of the biggest mistakes the film made was having way too many characters, especially considering it's 90 some-odd minute running time. We never get enough time to care about these assholes or give them any kind of interesting, layered arc to build through. We get just enough time to adequately detest them before we move on to some other piece of shit. The performances definitely don't help in making them anything other than absolutely loathsome creatures.

The diverse cast deliver portrayals that range from laughably melodramatic and absurd (Brad Renfro, Kim Basinger) to pathetically stale (Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thornton). And will people please stop casting Jon Foster in things? I can't think of an actor more eternally bland than that guy. I can't do it anymore. Every single thing in this film is predictable (the arcs are so easy to call from the second we meet the characters), uninteresting and ultimately flat out pathetic.