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  • Fargo



    Perfect movie. No fat. Triumph of story and feel.

  • Once Upon a Time in the West

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    It’s not my favorite of his but it might be his most impressive. Wide angle camera shots are breath taking, every shot is a work of art. The pacing felt at times reliant on the beauty of each shot, which at times made the narrative telling seem uneven. 

    The world building is his best. unlike GBU, you don’t feel like you are just running into other people’s zones (like war and priesthood). instead you have the entire map of the movie in your head and are almost living it as it plays out, which might be an argument for the long, drawn out beauty shots.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    Everything I want in a film.

    What is the box? Is she dreaming? Who the heck is Layfayette Montgomery aka the Cowboy (oh he's a producer of the film)? The old couple at the end?

    You watch this movie and all you want to do is think about the myriad questions it raises, then start writing your own script. Cigarettes & rotary dials. Stucco & wooden inlays. Take me back to 2001 LA.

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    Watched this on the Criterion Double feature. Placed in context with The Harder They Fall, Raging Bull masterfully executes the noir style while it digs deep into the psyche of an insecure, jealous, & unstable contender. Violence in the ring takes a backseat to violence in the home. And he never really finds redemption. Instead, we find Jake slowly drinking and eating his way into obscurity, telling jokes and making money off his waning fame. That's showbiz baby?

    Side note: for…