Parasite ★★★★½

Quite obviously Bong’s best movie, the culmination of all of the things that have run through his entire filmography.

It’s a well-oiled machine, moving from one moment to the next totally seamlessly, managing to engage you for the entire running time. Even for movies that I like, I usually am still aware of how much time is left till it’s over, but not for this. By the time it reaches the party at the end I still feel like it’s only been 30 minutes. It just moves.

This soooooo deserves the SAG ensemble award. EVERY performance is iconic and memorable, unique and shocking. 

And I haven’t even talked about the politics, which are brilliantly tied into the story of these two families, an isolated metaphoric example of a larger structural epidemic called Capitalism. The production design and conception of the spaces is brilliant and deservedly got an oscar nom.