Blue ★★★★½

When I jump into watching films I normally have the same ways of viewing, watching and rating the films. But every so often a film comes a long which greatly shifts my perspective on what filmmaking can be as a whole. These are such films as (Satantango, A Brighter Summer Day, It’s Such A Beautiful Day, Stalker etc etc etc) and when these films come along I don’t know what to think. They aren’t like anything I had ever seen before, it’s like exploring a whole new world a whole new compartment of the art of cinema. When I sat down to watch this film I thought that it would be “pretentious” and boring. I mean the only thing I’d heard about it was that it was voices over a blue screen. But what I wasn’t told was that it was one of the most intense heart wrenching and poetic films out there. We here the sounds of a man who is slowly dying of AIDS and is losing his vision. We hear the intense sounds of the hospital, the waiting room and if his life. There were parts which I forgot that I was genuinely looking at a blue screen and felt wrapped up in this mans life. Anyways it is truly an experience that is hard to explain without seeing it... so go check this one out!

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