Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

Finally, a David Fincher love story.

Pulpy, tantalizing, and electrically morose, David Fincher’s “Gone Girl” is a dynamite viewing experience. Right from the beginning, you feel the crispness and energy in every aspect of the film. Not only Fincher’s direction, but Gillian Flynn’s sharp screenplay (adapted from her own novel), Jeff Cronenweth’s beautiful cinematography, Kirk Baxter’s seamless editing, and Oscar winner Trent Reznor accompanied by Atticus Ross’ usual dazzling synth strong score. Not too mention the award caliber acting that Fincher has a way meticulously pulling out.

A chilling expose on modern marriage with the nastiest of insights and/or a deliciously trashy murder mystery whodunit, I say all the above as I was thoroughly transfixed. Not having read the best selling book, I loved that I was kept on my toes not knowing and when the twists kept a coming, I kept a loving. As for the twist, it’s hard to get into too much of the story without spoiling, so I’ll summarize short and sweetly. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) comes home on his 5 year wedding anniversary to a roughed up living room and learning that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) has disappeared. A no nonsense detective played by Kim Dickens takes the case and in a scathingly spot way, the story becomes a national sensation that the 24 hour news networks sink their disgusting teeth into.

Delving into the powerful evil force of marital resentment a chess match of deadly proportions is fought between Mr and Mrs. Dunne. You might think the third act goes off the rails a bit, but I loved the mouth gaping escalation.

Fincher cast Affleck because of his experience of his very public highs and lows, and it pays off wonderfully. At times shallow, at times very flawed Affleck is still able to have you not write him off. And now I pat myself on the back for knowing that Rosamund Pike would one day get that role that made her a star, and this is that role. Pike is on fire as the complicated other half who absolutely takes advantage of a dynamic role that is not often given to the female thespians. Pike will no doubt earn a best actress Oscar nomination and I won’t be surprised if Affleck gets one himself. My gut longshot Oscar pick of the year goes to long time stage actress Connie Coon as Nick’s twin sister Margot whose character shows the strain of the whole national ordeal. There will be no nod for this actor, but consider me guffawed by how surprisingly impressed I was by none other than Tyler Perry’s work as Nick’s slick high powered lawyer- I hope this will encourage more directors to cast his talents elsewhere.

Fincher is at the top of his game and the genre as “Gone Girl” is a must watch.

Fincher is at the top of “this” game...

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