August List

How many times did Adam Driver, aka The Ape 🦧 of God, KING OF HIGHLARIOUS, watch The Joker to prepare for this role??? 

Kinda glad Leos Carax told me to take a deep breath and hold it for the rest of the show because at least when I passed out I didn’t have to watch anymore of this. But I did…I kept watching. Idk why but I did. And every time I was ready to pass out, it shocked my system and pulled me back in. I guess for that alone it’s an interesting watch. Just interesting tho, not good, just interesting. You know! In a French way. In a sort of self-repelling way, as if it’s revolted with itself. Like it hates itself and it tells you,
the audience, to hate it with you, but you can’t hate it because you can’t look away and you can’t stop watching it because it’s kinda fun so it’s like where do you go from here sort of type of way. Ultimately I couldn’t digest it. 

P.S. Take a hint from Adam Driver and bow out by mooning the audience. Instant applause!

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