Suspiria ★★★★½

For such a bleak and visceral and mysteriously thrilling movie, the most surprising part was all the color!!

For a 70s movie, this was really bright and proud and loud and colorful! It really relied on various hues of red, green and blue to represent the mood. I think it really added to the fantasy feeling of the movie. Everything seemed off, unreal. 

Of course, the set of the dancing school, the building and rooms, are fantastic, very grand.

The end is great, what a high strung and fitting end to this freak show of a movie. 

My only criticism are some minor plot points that don’t make sense or go anywhere. 

The movie seems like a mix of Kubrick cinematography with Lynchian thrill and absurdity. 

At times revolting, at times hilarious, and always, constantly, over the top and insane. 

And the soundtrack by the GOBLIN is mainey

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