Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

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at first i wasn’t a believer. they tried to preach the gospel of Spielberg to me growing up but i just wasn’t convinced. eye did not listen but after being brutally ratioed on twitter.. the tides have turned.. I now see the vision.. i am now a believer.

okays what the fuck did i just witness?? capitalism is just fucking the root of all evil but in this instance it’s just like.. what would posses a person to create a fucking park full of dinosaurs and not expect them niggas to go crazy?? they were planning to charge 2k-10k for this park. like it’s sad that this isn’t like some far off thing because i know if this was real the rich and elite would be the first in line but i mean call it natural selection if you will hehe.

Spielberg.. i mean i honestly don’t have words. this was just a magnificent treat. i feel born again. new. rejuvenated like what an honor for this to be my first Spielberg film. i feel lucky. i mean his camera work is just like insane.. i felt every moment that each character was going through. i wish i could have experienced this on the big screen, although i would have been scared shitless. my heart is still racing as i type this. i haven’t felt this watching a blockbuster since maybe infinity war. i see now that many people have tried replicate the stakes of this film but lack in trying to capture the emotion and heart like you can’t do what he did. i’m excited to finish out the franchise and excited to watch more Spielberg films.

last note: laura dern the woman you are..