Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

the movie that the first 30 minutes presents that’s specifically about feeling like you’ve wasted your life/distracted by all the alternative lives you could’ve lived/loving sweetie pie husband ke huy quan while engaging in inventive martial arts fighting was perfect to me. i think the mother-daughter/void stuff works less well because i don’t think joy’s character was fleshed out enough at the outset to bear so much narrative weight! 

similarly, so many of the jokes and the frenetic loony tunes tone delighted me & sometimes it would veer just too far into the valley of 2007 internet humor. but i’d always rather watch someone throw absolutely everything at the wall with a completely earnest message of love (the wachowski approval makes so much sense!). 

also, very proud of harry shum jr for getting out of glee so successfully. he was always the hottest one.

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