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  • It's a wonderful knife

    It's a wonderful knife


    Clever little short film that is much, much different from the similarly-titled James Stewart/Frank Capra classic. Drops the ball a bit with the ending, but this one is still a good bit of fun.

  • Detainment



    Despite generating significant backlash from the parents of the victim this film is based on, Vincent Lambe’s Detainment still managed to rise above the other films on the live action shortlist and earn an Academy Award nomination. Undoubtedly a powerful film, Detainment plays almost like a documentary/re-enactment film as it uses the actual interview tapes and transcripts of the James Bulger case to dramatize the story surrounding the toddler’s brutal murder. The careful interplay of editing between the two boys’…

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  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    Ingmar Bergman's epic mini-series, Scenes from a Marriage, is a brilliant, intimate observational study of a couple's marriage. At the start of the film, Marianne (Liv Ullmann) and Johan (Erland Josephson) have been agreeably (if not always happily) married for ten years. Bergman's film meets a couple that seems to have it all together, peels back the façade, and shows us the tension right under the surface.

    Ullmann and Josephson provide powerhouse performances, and their chemistry here is probably the…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Good Time delivers on the promise of its title, delivering a solid crime drama bolstered by a riveting score and a standout performance from Robert Pattinson. While the plot itself may be a bit far-fetched, with a little willingness to suspend disbelief, this offering from the Safdie brothers should not disappoint.

    Robert Pattinson shines as Connie Nikas, who spends a night trying to free his mentally handicapped brother, Nick (Bennie Safdie), from a trip to prison after a robbery goes…