Paprika ★★★½

Paprika is a film that is easy to appreciate for its creativity, intricacy, and gorgeous animation. Story similarities to Inception are obvious, enough that it would be hard to believe Christopher Nolan hadn’t seen this at the time he was working on the film. Animation may be the best form for capturing the wold of a dreamscape, as the limitlessness of the medium is something that is clearly not lost on director Satoshi Kon.

Just about the only thing keeping me from completely loving Paprika is the complexity of its plot ultimately becomes so layered and convoluted that it is almost incomprehensible by the denouement. A second viewing would no doubt do this film justice, and could easily place it higher among my favorite films. But, for now, Paprika stands as a film I admire more than I adore. This is probably my least-favorite Kon film so far, but that has done little to lessen my excitement for Millennium Actress. Overly-dense plot or not, the man is a creative genius, capable of incredible world-building. Also, Kon may create the coolest opening credit sequences in cinema.

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