Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★½

"Do you get up each morning too?" - Detective Park Doo-man

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This was suggested by Elaina as a part of the film of the week for the Film Club. Her reviews are just exquisite and her personality could be described the same way. She's just an awesome person. If you want to see all of the films I've watched for the Film Club, click here along with my ranking of each.

A phrase popped into my head while rewatching this: "wading through molasses". If one were to wade through molasses, it would be like jumping into a situation expecting it to change, but in all reality, you're stuck and you can't retrace your steps. Instead, you keep moving forward expecting a different result, but to no avail. You're wading through molasses. It explains everything. The way the three detectives go about solving this mystery, the slow-motion visuals with the audio at normal speed reflecting the dread, and how all of the characters are stuck in their ways. Wading through molasses. A universal showcase of the incapableness law enforcement can have. Wading through molasses. The restrictions placed on them because of the press and their lack of utilities. Wading through molasses. Letting witnesses slip their grip and jumping to the wrong conclusions again and again. Wading. Through. Molasses.

Revisiting this and watching it with other people who love Bong and pointing out the little details made the experience so enriching. Bong crafted an excellent crime thriller that should be studied and watched by everyone who loves film. This is definitely Bong's funniest film as his signature dark humor was perfectly layered with the always unexpected physical comedy. Beautifully shot and scored with some masterful editing to boot. Song Kang-ho (Detective Park Doo-man) just doesn't miss in his performances and Kim Sang-kyung (Detective Seo Tae-yoon) was also really great.

I love this film so much! Excellent pick Elaina! Can't wait for this quality to continue!


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