Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

"You're right. We have to give these boys the benefit of the doubt." - Cassandra

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This was (technically) recommended to me by Sam (even though I was planning on watching it when it came out on VOD). He's a pretty neat dude. Go follow him. Also thank you for the link even though it felt kind of illegal.

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Wow. What a film. This is definitely something that I'd suggest going in as blind as possible. I've only heard the basic premise and that Carey Mulligan's brilliant and I'm glad that I kept it that way.

The film forces you sit to with it (something that I didn't do lol) and think about what just happened. I like doing that when it comes to film and I feel like this will age like fine wine and probably get better the more and more I think about it. The film deals a lot with the ideas of the patriarchy, a glass ceiling, rape culture and apologists, and because of that, like the main character, the film felt very bitter and angry. It felt like it was directed at a lot of men and attacks the "nice" guys as well. It doesn't pull any punches and for that, I thank it. It's a biting critique of a lot of things in our culture, especially on the treatment of men when it comes to these topics. I will also say this: the film handled its premise a lot smarter than I thought it would.

The film has a lot of excellent things going for it: the score, cinematography, direction, screenplay, and pacing. The score is phenomenal and I'm definitely adding a couple of songs to my liked playlist on Spotify. The cinematography is stunning. Some of the best this year. I can just see "The Beauty of Promising Young Woman" video coming. So many excellent shots. The colors and shot composition were excellent. The costumes are something I also wanted to mention! Oh my gosh, they were really great and continued to add the emphasis of color this film had. The screenplay felt real and darkly humorous. The pacing was just right and that's really all down to the excellent direction.

This whole cast was really great. Everyone was dedicated to their performances, so a big shoutout to Alison Brie (Madison), Clancy Brown (Stanley), Jennifer Coolidge (Susan), Laverne Cox (Gail), and Chris Lowell (Al Monroe) for all giving great performances. Christopher-Mintz Plasse (Neil) and Alfred Molina (Jordan) had really great cameos, especially the latter. His scene was my second favorite out of the whole film. Bo Burnham (Ryan) was unexpectedly and expectedly great. He was kind of playing himself, but nonetheless, he held his own!

Carey Mulligan (Cassandra). That's it. That's all I gotta say... No, that's not it. She was absolutely incredible. I mean it. She was outstanding. She was threatening, pathetic, sympathetic, psychotic, and sociopathic and she was also hilarious. Carey Mulligan cannot ever not give a great performance as she has consistently put in amazing work.

Now, don't get it twisted, it's not a perfect film. It didn't have an emotional resonance for me. This film is a dark comedy, has more of a lean toward drama. The ending may frustrate people and the film as a whole might because it's not what they were thinking it was going to be. That's all I'm gonna say.

This was incredible! Really incredible. Check it out in theaters right now or I hope you guys watch it the day it comes out on VOD!


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